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Cool WATCHMEN stuff online

Cool WATCHMEN stuff online, http://newbalanceonlineshop.us new balance 890 A manila folder stuffed with classic 'Watchmen' documents dropped on the internet this week. That new TV ad is up in HD as well. Also, Jackman talks about the new 'Wolverine' movie and 'The Dark Knight' gets (you guessed it) more awards! Hop into your flying car and dial up the holotransmitter because this is your 21st century Comics2Film 9.1.20! THE DARK KNIGHT wins!We know you never tire of reading about the awards 'The Dark Knight' is collecting. Well, good news. The Online Film Critics Society announced their winners of their 2008 awards. The batfilm clamed four awards including "Best Director" for Christopher Nolan, "Best Supporting Actor" for Heath Ledger, "Best Cinematography" for Wally Pfister, and "Best Original Score" for The Dark Knight, James Newton Howard Hans Zimmer. Certainly to the chagrin of some commenting Maniacs here, no other comicbased superhero movie collected a prize from t